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  • Corporate Clients

    Services include: concept design, script writing, coordination and management of vendors, event spaces and staff, casting, costuming and hiring/payroll for performers, floral and catering consultation, intimate catering

    and custom baking.

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    Plus: Sun Microsystems, Xilinx, Java One, Telco, Network Associates, Siebel, Bay Networks, Cadence, PeopleSoft, Larkin Street, Washington Mutual, Susan Hurford and Co., Robert Fountain Designs, Hilton Garden Inns/Larkspur Hospitalities, Bill Graham Presents/Clear Channel, AT&T, AllStar Game, Maritz, ServiceNow, San Francisco Zoo, UGG

    and many private social clients.

  • The Good Word

    Here's what our clients have to say about us:


    Cindy Goldfield is a terrific event producer. Diligent, organized, reliable, creative and congenial. She delivers consistently superior results with attention to her clients’ needs, style and goals. - Pat McBaine, client


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    InVision Communications

    Molly McDaneld Hodges

    Senior Creative Director

    InVision Communications

    Cindy Goldfield is a gem! She is a creative talent in many ways but what makes me love working with her is because I know that whatever my vision is for the outcome, Cindy will up-level that expectation twofold. She thinks beyond what’s possible and makes it happen. If I could collaborate with her every day, I would. She’s delightful, smart, savvy and I highly recommend her.




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    Epic Games

    Megan Blair, Production Manager, Epic Games

    We came across Cindy via a third party for a live production our company was putting on in San Francisco in 2018. Her professionalism and easy to talk to personality were instantly appreciated. Though initially she was brought on to help script supervise the program, we realized her value as someone to help some of our team members with public speaking and presenting. We hired her again, specifically to assist with presenting. She spent time with our variety of employee's who could end up in front of the camera or on stage. Both young and old, all were extremely thankful for the dedicated time and personal workshops to help each of them with their own hurdles. She took the extra time to review previous presentations of any individuals she'd be meeting with and tailored workshops. Then, provided a well organized breakdown of progress, strengths and weaknesses to be worked on for each she met with. It's been very valuable for our Marketing team and our individuals. We are happy when we are able to work with Cindy and look forward to many more projects and workshops for the future. Highly recommend, especially for speakers and presenters.

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    42nd Street Moon- Fundraising Galas

    Daren AC Carollo, Co-Executive Director

    Lauren Hewitt, Managing Director Emeritus

    Joanna Leighton-Nevesny, Special Events Chair

    I am a worrier. It is what I do. When you hire Cindy and her team, she takes care of every detail. I am not joking here. Every single detail. She even worried for me. -Daren


    A creative problem solver with a never-ending positive attitude, she’s my go-to when it comes to creating a beautiful time for groups large and small! She is the most organized and spontaneous planner and implementer I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I recommend her wholeheartedly! She’s a party sorcerer and she’ll make your event magical. - Lauren


    Cindy has been an unparalleled asset to us, assuring that all aspects of our special events, from small fund-raisers to large Galas, are produced beautifully and professionally. As an added blessing, when an inevitable "Oh No!" crisis looms, she adeptly causes it to cease looming because she is quick and resourceful in jam avoidance. I've been consistently impressed by her grasp of, and attention to all the myriad details that make up the presentation of a successful event. Viewing her show flow/timeline is like looking at an intricate mosaic and seeing all the tiny parts fitting together perfectly to create a whole work of art. - Joanna



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    Private Social Event- 50th Anniversary Party

    Julie McLaughlin,

    Executive Personal Assistant

    The Herculean task of planning, creating, sourcing and producing the entertainment for a three-day event for 300 guests would be a daunting one for most, but not for Cindy Goldfield!
    I had the absolute pleasure of working with Cindy on an event for my principals in September 2018. She took their vision and created an affair to remember! I have never before encountered so many thank you’s and accolades from guests after the event.
    What makes Cindy so sensational at what she does, is her knowledge, her creativity, her patience (boy did we test that!), her humour, her determined attitide, her communication style and most of all her warmth and kind heart.

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    San Francisco Zoo 

    Walk-Around Character Entertainment

    Kelly Sheehan

    Marketing and Guest Experience

    Goldfield Creative Events is top notch! Cindy is quick to respond, efficient, and always reliable in helping us find the talent we need, even if it is a last minute request. Her staff is consistently on time, and have high energy attitudes the entire time they are on-site at events. Goldfield Creative Events is the San Francisco Zoo’s go-to for talent for costumed characters. I highly recommend Goldfield Creative Events!

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    Length of Service Awards- CPMC Hospitals

    Linda Samara

    Catering Sales Manager,

    Holiday Inn GG SF

    I worked with Cindy on a mutual client event (Length of Service Awards/CPMC Hospitals) Cindy is super creative and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. She provided everybody with what they need when they need it. Smooth and enjoyable, Cindy has passion for what she does.  

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    Bay Area Legislative Caucus PAC Dinner

    Annie Eagan and Claire Manti

    Annie Eagan Consulting

    We have had the pleasure of working with Goldfield Creative Events to plan two annual fundraising dinners in Sonoma Wine Country.

    Cindy put together an incredible dinner for 100 high profile guests within our budget parameters, and her attention to detail and professionalism made coordinating this large event easy and simple. When uncertainty or challenges arose, Cindy was quick and happy to work in tandem with us to ensure our event was executed successfully. We were very pleased with her work and execution and received many positive remarks from guests on how amazing our dinner was. I would highly recommend Goldfield Creative Events for any event and I hope to be able to work with them in the future!"

  • Event Services

    Creating memorable events in alignment with your values and goals.


    Corporate events with style, heart and story-telling/guest centered experience.

    From intimate gatherings, to large-scale corporate awards shows, parade contingents, meetings and celebrations.


    Presentation and speech coaching for presenters, entrepreneurs and actors.

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    Events and Celebrations

    Creating memorable events for your clients, employees or social circle.

    We start with a consultation to ascertain the goals and scope of your event. Next, we brainstorm concept ideas, catering, music, decor, venue and all the elements that could be part of your unforgettable event. We work with your budget (or help you build one) and lay out a proposal for you to approve. All the details can be handled for you, or we can work with your marketing team to fill in the gaps in what they are prepared to take on. The scope of our presence can be as little as creating a design for you and your team to execute, party-management-only or taking responsibility and direction of the entire event including vendor and entertainment payroll, on-site event management and post-event review.

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    Performance and Speech Coaching

    for performers, presenters and entrepreneurs

    Are you looking for help feeling confident, effective and authentic for your next speaking engagement or video presentation?


    Often times it takes a glass of wine for adults to “wax loquacious” when what we’re after is the ease in communication that a little kid has when he’s pretending to be a pirate. The commitment to telling the story so deeply that all sense of self-confidence flows naturally.


    Many analysts rank public speaking as one of the highest human fear yet, in our current world we need to do it over and over and over again. Our businesses depend upon it. Without comfort in public speaking (and increasingly on-camera), we come off stilted, awkward and ultimately untrustworthy. Let's break through that veneer of awkwardness and find natural ease and confidence through coaching and exercises designed to bring us back to child-like ease, with a sense of open-minded curiosity and vulnerability. Make your next speaking opportunity fun and effective!

  • Make Your Event One to Remember!

    Don't be afraid to reach out. All sorts of great things come from a 20 minute conversation.

  • Who We Are

    Based in San Francisco. Working world-wide.

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Cindy Goldfield

    Creative Director/Producer

    With over 25 years experience in the corporate and social event world, Cindy is a treasure-trove of ideas, innovation and skill.